2011: Italy is 150 years old*


In 1861, after the wars waged against the Austrians and once the Garibaldi expedition to Sicily was completed, the long period of political and military fights leading Italy to unification was over. On the 17th March of that year the national unity was proclaimed in Torino, which became the first capital city of Italy. The city would be captial for four years until 1865, when the centrality of the Government of the Kingdom moved to Florence. Rome became the final capital city, from 1871, when the unification of the country was finally completed.

In 1911 and 1961, on the occasion of the Fiftieth anniversary and the Centennial of national unification, Torino became again the core of the country. In 2011 Italy will celebrate 150 years, and once again, Torino is going to celebrate the anniversary with a magnificent event.


*extracted from The Esperienza Italia website. More information can be found by clicking here!


The History and Tradition of Easter in Italy


The historic event that decided when we celebrate Easter in the Catholic tradition was the First Nicean Council of Christian Bishops in 325 A.D. Roman Emperor, Constantine, convened this council in Nicaea wish is part of Turkey. It was here that the decision was made to celebrate Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon to rise after the Spring Equinox. Unless the first full moon also rose on a Sunday, in which case Easter would be celebrated the Sunday after that. Wow, I hope you understand that because I am not sure I do. Anyway, let’s continue…


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The History of the Italian Flag


The Italian tricolor was first established during the Napoleonic Wars by French republics in northern Italy, who styled it after the French tricolor. In 1848 the design was adopted by the house of Savoy, which went on to lead the Italian unification. The present flag was adopted in 1946, when Italy became a republic and the royal arms were removed.


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The History of Pizza



There are many theories about the origin of Pizza. There is agreement, though, that Pizza was developed by peasants in Naples, Italy. This early pizza consisted of flattened bread dough topped with olive oil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese (another product of the Naples area).


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